• Andrew Feingold of RotoExperts selected Blake Griffin with the second pick of the second round.

    This league is the oldest of the Triple Crown basketball leagues, established in 2004. It uses a head-to-head […]

  • Tom Carpenter of ESPN bought Stephen Curry for $75.

    This league is an 11-team, standard 8-category roto auction league with 10 starters and 3 reserves. The beauty of the auction is having a shot at each player […]

  • Kyle McKeown selected Paul George with the 11th overall pick.

    This league, run on Yahoo!, is a 12-team, head-to-head, point-per-category league, established in 2009. Here’s Randy Dean’s eXpertLeagues […]

  • FantasyScore’s Ryan Dodson selected Morgan Burnett with the 6th pick of Round 11.

    This 12-team league follows the PPR rules and scoring system of a basic CBS league but with the IDP scoring for defense. The IDP […]

    • The key picks coming in for my tram were Justin Forsett, Kendall Wright and perhaps Shane Vereen. As a full PPR (1 pt for both receivers and RB) Forsett’s potential value under the new offensive system is magnified. Although he only managed 44 catches in 2014 receiving is a huge part of his game and last year under new offensive coordinator Marc Trestman, Matt Forte amassed 102 catches. Forsett is getting a bit long in the tooth and has always been dogged by his lack of size, but he has been very durable and doesn’t have a lot of mileage on his body.

      I am a big fan of looking for value in QB/WR combinations where the quarterback establishes a connection with a receiver who might be viewed as having less talent. Think Julian Edelman and….Kendall Wright. Wright, despite modest pre-season numbers is clearly the favorite target for rookie QB Marcus Mariota and his possession style should translate well to targets during the inevitable rookie struggles and with Tennessee’s obvious offensive shortcomings.

      Shane Vereen is slotted to do situational work for the Giants and is behind the oft-injured Rashad Jennings and competing with the lackluster Andre Williams for the part time work. Williams has been dreadful this preseason and has not earned many friends on the Giants staff. I’m hopeful that Vereen will slice out a big part of the pie in the Giants distribution offense. If not, he’s my current flex and those can be plugged-and-played.

      The other two picks to consider are the uber-talented Phillip Dorsett who has really caught the attention of the Indianapolis staff and is frequently talked about as a red zone receiver and the aging Reggie Wayne. With Brady’s suspension vacated (and unlikely to be reinstated) Wayne is precisely the kind of sure-handed route runner that should connect with Brady, particularly while Brandon LaFell is on the PUP.

  • Ben Roethlisberger was taken with the 69th overall pick by Jon Williams of Advanced Fantasy Football.

    This league basically follows the basic ESPN PPR league rules and scoring system. With 10 teams and only two […]

    • In a 10 team PPR league, I pre-ranked my skill position players and just rode the draft out with my projected points per round leader. If the players available in a round were close, I would err to the side of a position of need. The first 3 rounds I did indeed select receivers who dominate their team’s targets (especially Brown with Bryant and Bell missing time early). Antonio Brown was the third player on my board with these settings and I was thrilled to get him at 5. My running backs came out better than anticipated both Miller and Martin have solid upsides and motivation to crack the solid RB2, low RB1 tiers. I am high on both, even if they are underwhelming, in such a shallow league there will be weekly plug and play guys to fill in or at the very worst I could look to move my WR depth. Olsen should really thrive and be the only current reliable pass catcher in Cam’s arsenal, 8 targets in the first half of a recent preseason game sounds good to me in a PPR setting. All in all, this draft went according to my plan and I am excited to see if this strategy pays off.

  • After losing Kelvin Benjamin right after drafting him, eXpertLeagues.com’s Randy Dean hopes Julian Edelman will pick up the slack.

    This league basically follows the NFFC & WCOFF scoring systems. With 6 points […]

    • Adrian Peterson is my number one player this season, even after he wrecked half of my teams last season. Aaron Rodgers at the time for me was a no brainer, this was prior to Jordy’s demise and Cobb being nicked up, 6 points per TD had me taking a QB earlier than I would have in a basic draft. Then came round 3, ouch. Not the way I wanted to start this abbreviated slow draft, with Benjamin going down right around the time I picked him. It does put a little more pressure to nail the next few picks, which I think I did pretty well. Edelman is a PPR machine and who knows how much if any time Brady will miss, as of now the latest I am hearing is one game. Marshall also should get a ton of looks in gang green. My pick by pick comments are on the site, but a few that I am really excited for are Gurley in the 6th, Funchess in the 10th to be mini Benjamin, Sankey in the 12th if he wakes up, and being here in Cleveland, I am very intrigued at how they use Pryor (19th round) if he makes the team. Even if he doesn’t, some team could use an athletic freak if they are thin at WR (Packers, Panthers, anyone?). This draft had a rough round three but the framework is set for a solid season.

  • eXpertLeagues.com’s own Randy Dean nabbed Texans RB Arian Foster with the eleventh pick of Round 6 hoping he can contribute later in the season.

    This 12-team league follows the PPR rules and scoring system of a […]

    • Last season I lacked at RB and really wanted to make sure that didn’t happen this season. Bell and McCoy are a great tandem, and if the reports keep coming out of Houston are good with Foster, this could be a scary backfield. My boy Olsen is my tight end again, with Julius Thomas to back him up (fingers crossed he wasn’t just a product of the Denver system). I am a big fan of Charles Johnson, and mainly his QB Bridgewater’s ability to put the ball in his hands. Minnesota could surprise some people and CJ had a great year with no running game to speak of last season. Funchess reappears, volume play, and I am betting Amari Cooper is the next top tier rookie wideout in the fashion of OBJ and Mike Evans. I would have liked to have a more concrete WR1, but in the third round, I’ll take Aaron Rodgers and play the waiver wire game to fill out my WRs if the need arises.

  • Tom Brady’s potential suspension was no deterrent for eXpertLeagues.com’s Steve Parsons, buying the New England quarterback for $26.

    This 12-team league follows the PPR rules and scoring system of a basic CBS […]

  • Michael Stein of FantasyAlarm.com paid $19 for Prince Fielder, hoping for a return to glory for the big man.

    This mixed league functions much like the Tout Wars and LABR fantasy baseball industry leagues. It’s […]

    • This year I violated a couple of my strategic principles (principally, exceeding my roughly 2-to-1 hitting-pitching budget); then again, I feel it’s a mistake to enter any draft — but especially an auction — with a rigid approach. Adaptability is key, which is why I tend to hang back in the early rounds to get a sense of pricing (and as often happens, let others overspend). I’m comfortable allowing a few owners to dictate early pricing — like CDub (who ended up with a classic Stars & Scrubs team, strong on hitting but weak on pitching) — because I do remain aware of tiers and available talent. That said, I was shocked to find I’d spent $112 on pitching. In my “defense,” A) the raft of recent injuries drastically thinned the “sure thing” pool, B) leagues like this without an IP max tend to enhance SPs’ value, and C) unsurprisingly, once Kershaw was off the board, there were amazing bargains in pitching. This is in part due to the lack of enforcing (something I prefer to let others do, but eventually bid some players up myself). Indeed, bidding was often more spirited toward the endgame since several owners ended up with spare cash.

      I did stick to my strategy of not exceeding $30 on any selection, preferring a balanced approach that ensures I’ll always have money to adjust and bid on desired players. Indeed, I only spent more than $20 three times (Scherzer, Puig, Chapman) — and I project them to earn back the expense and then some. The only questionable choice might have been Chapman at $21, especially since I don’t like to be the pacesetter on any given position. But he exemplifies my goal to obtain high K9, low-ratio guys (I also secured Miller and Boxberger for $5 total, both of whom should vulture saves if not end up as closers… I like to acquire a couple of “ace” middle relievers — though the strategy tends to pay off slightly more in leagues permitting daily lineup changes).

      And if I end up “overpaying” a couple of times, I don’t mind. I have the money in the bank, can’t take it with me, so as long as I snag players who produce the desired results, I’m satisfied. I like my team for the most part, though it’s not so much Stars and Scrubs as Tots and Vets. My hopes hinge on far more young relatively untested players than I’d like, which is why later on I didn’t bid as aggressively on potential post-hype sleepers like Bogaerts. Case in point: Kris Bryant. Still, it’s looking increasingly likely that he’ll be in Chicago by late April while I pegged Headley for a modest comeback. So either I paid $22 total for just Headley circa 2013 or, best-case scenario, I’m getting the 2012 Headley plus five months of 2017 Kris Bryant because he immediately fulfills his vast potential. I think the reality will lie somewhere in between, paying a pretty good profit by year’s end at two corner slots. Likewise, I was delighted to obtain Rougned Odor for $4 and even Kolten Wong for $12. Look, I love Rendon and Cano but they went for $25 apiece. Paying so little for so much upside at 2B/MI enabled me to spend more aggressively when and where I needed to.

      My only “mistake” bid was Everth Cabrera, but that was due to tech glitches in the ESPN template (I suspect I’m not the only owner who nominated or bid on the wrong player). It didn’t concern me since he cost a buck and I earmarked him as a drop. Since my biggest concern is power, I’ve already substituted Ryan Howard via FAAB. AVG is my other potential Achilles, but with MLB figures trending sharply down the past few years, .270 is the new .290 in fantasy. Otherwise, I think I have a balanced competitive team with potential assets to trade in speed and saves. The latter is crucial, because more and more savvy owners draft closers-in-waiting, so punting saves is a less viable strategy IMHO than it used to be.

  • Dave McKay (The Fantasy Sports Brain) is hoping that J.D. Martinez will continue to show the power he displayed last season after paying $18 for him this year.

    This AL-only league functions much like the Tout […]

  • Mike Myers of Triple Play Fantasy Sports paid $20 for STL 2B Kolten Wong. Can Wong earn it?

    This NL-only league functions much like the Tout Wars and LABR fantasy baseball industry leagues. It’s a standard 5×5 […]

  • Ivar Anderson of FantasyAlarm.com hopes that Colorado shortstop Troy Tulowitzki can stay healthy this year after investing the #15 overall pick in him.

    This mixed league functions much like the NFBC fantasy […]

    • Boy did I blow it by drafting Stanton 4th, that guy is a bust. All kidding aside, he was number 2 on my list and he is as good as it gets to start your power base. I wanted an ace and closer somewhat early, and got both in rounds 4 (Holland) and 5 (Wainwright). The value for some of these pitchers slipping had me grab a few more before taking another hitter in Brandon Moss, who I projected as a 30 home run guy this season, and yes, it’s early, but he may not get 30 hits coming from this sullen Tribe fan venting. Kendrick was a good 2B/MI option and I also have him in many leagues, contract year and great team, doesn’t hurt to move to the NL either. I like the makeup of this team, and just hope Bourn can return some late round value and get me 15-20 steals. Time will tell if some of these late round guys can stick on this roster or if it will be a few slots of weekly changeover, either way can work.

  • eXpertLeagues.com’s Randall Dean is hoping for loads of stolen bases from Jose Altuve after taking him in the second round with the 19th overall pick of the draft.

    This mixed league is pretty unique among […]

    • I fully expect Altuve and the Astros to eventually hit and Jose can be a valuable piece in this format for runs and steals with a higher average. Brantley needs just to get healthy, and even if Altuve doesn’t replicate his 2014 totals, Hamilton and Gordon can pick up the slack on the base paths. Gattis. Speaking of terrible starts, I am not jumping off the bridge yet, but I know where it is and there is more than enough gas to get there. I also wanted to get “safe” closers in this HTH category league, Chapman, Allen, early, Britton later on, and even Clippard for the time being. Bauer looks like a steal in the 22nd round, is this the year he finally puts it all together?

  • Paul Sporer of Baseball Prospectus (Texas Twisters) selected Michael Brantley with the third pick of the second round. Big things are expected of the talented Cleveland outfielder this season.

    This league was […]

    • I do love the scoring in this league; it definitely affects the player’s perceived value. This is normally a slow draft over a few weeks, so it was a change for some of the owners on how swiftly this draft flew by. There was a big run on stud starters and Kluber got my vote at 7. Holland and Allen should give me great relief pitching value through the season, and I always want to wait on pitching here, but I could not pass on some of the value. If healthy, Cobb in the 7th is sneaky nice value going among the Kuechel/Tillman/Verlander tier, Uehara in the 13th, Duffy in the 14th and Dolittle to stash in the 19th all made sense to me at the time. Mix in some steady vets with secure opening day rosters spots, work the waiver wire, and hope to improve on my playoff run that just was a game short of a title. last season.

  • Nate Miller of Rotowire (Pittsburgh) purchased Joey Votto for $27. Can he bounce back enough in 2015 to earn that price tag?

    This league was run via the CBS Sports league manager up through 2014, so most of the […]

    • I took over this team two years ago, and it is still generally in the rebuilding stage. The intro to this article does glance over the structure of the league; it spans keepers, restricted free agents, contracts, and max salary cap, among a bunch of other fantastic options that makes this one of my favorite leagues that I have ever been a part of. I would love to copy this format for the AL since I prefer it heavily to the NL, but the time and effort is mind boggling to me and I do have to bug Dave from time to time on the exact rules. I run the Hott Schotts, Rizzo, Morneau, Young Jr, Liriano, Kimbrel, and Wood were all great price contracts I carried over for this season, and unfortunately Wood is the only player I still have after this year under team control. After the keepers were selected, each team had an opportunity to grab a non rostered player at their price of last year, I chose Rondon at $2. DeGrom and Rendon (pre injury) were added in another pre main auction. Confused yet? San Diego missed the draft and ESPN’s software did not do him any favors, it will be a long year on the west coast. I think my team is headed in the right direction and hope to be in contention all year.

  • Rich Wilson of Prospect361.com selected Paul Goldschmidt with the 5th overall pick of the draft.

    This mixed league functions much like the Tout Wars and LABR fantasy baseball industry leagues. It’s a standard […]

    • Slow start aside, I was thrilled to come out of the first two rounds with Rizzo and Donaldson, both of which should be power cornerstones. Pitching was heavy early, and I wanted at least one ace, and Strasburg was my pick in round three, would have like Kluber there, but he was auto-picked one spot prior. Tanaka had the upside in round 8 for me to take that gamble, should be fun to see how he performs this season. Jansen was my only closer drafted so FAAB year pickups of new closers is the idea to make up some ground to not punt the category. Starting two catchers, I waited until rounds 18-19 and ended up with serviceable options in Montero and Norris. Hamilton ended the draft and who knows how that story will play out. This is a deep enough league to find pitching on the wire and build a team off solid hitting.

  • Jordan Zimmermann helped eXpertLeagues’ Dave Gawron win the Triple Crown National League championship in the 2014 season.

    This list covers the following nine leagues. The idea of the Triple Crown leagues is f […]

  • Steve Smith helped eXpertLeagues’ Dave Gawron (repping RotoExperts at the time) win the Triple Crown Football Auction league championship in the 2011 season.

    This list covers the following six leagues. The i […]

  • Joakim Noah helped Rotowire’s Kyle McKeown win the Triple Crown Hoops Auction league championship in the 2009-2010 season.

    This list covers the following three leagues, which comprise the Triple Crown of […]

  • ESPN’s Brian Gramling hopes overall pick #14 Peyton Manning can at least approach his epic 2013 statistical frenzy.

    This 12-team league follows the PPR rules and scoring system of a basic CBS league. […]

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