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Triple Crown Football Auction 2012 Regular Season Results

Arian Foster and Andre Johnson helped Dave Gawron win the regular season.
Arian Foster and Andre Johnson helped Dave Gawron win the regular season.

Best league of the season! KFFL and I were the ONLY two teams that clinched a playoff spot heading into Week 13. Eight other teams were fighting for the final four berths. One division had records of 65-1, 6-6, 6-6, and 6-6. It was a wild one!

(We used the CBS Commissioner for this one, so the site is not accessible by the public.)

  1. Dave Gawron: 9-4, 1754 – Top record, Top points. Very interesting, started 0-4 then won 9 in a row! Went stars and scrubs with Rodgers, Foster, Mathews, Gronk and junk. It took a few weeks to replace the junk I guess, and trading Mathews for Andre Johnson (other players in that deal too) helped. Really hoping for a championship here.
  2. Tim Heaney, KFFL, 8-5, 1548 – Second division winner. Matt Ryan + C.J. Spiller
  3. Sean Morris, Bruno Boys, 7-5-1, 1598 – Third division winner. Bryce Brown, Shorts, and Danario off waivers
  4. Scott Swanay, Sherpa, 8-5, 1520 – Top Wild Card
  5. Michael Pichan, Roto Info, 7-6, 1485 – Second Wild Card
  6. Rick Coeburn, FF Soup, 7-6, 1475 – Third Wild Card
  7. Jasbir Singh, Fantistics Insider, 6-6-1, 1714 – Third in points, victim of the schedule. Would be in if the tie were a win.
  8. Brad Yoho, RapidDraft, 6-7, 1738 – Second in points, again, one more win would have meant a playoff berth
  9. Allie Fontana, 6-7, 1560
  10. Adam Holtz, Lester’s Legends, 6-7, 1553
  11. Jim McCormick, ESPN, 6-7, 1324
  12. John Lecci, Red Zone, 1-12, 1311

Photo courtesy of Matt Britt