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Triple Crown Ultimate Basketball Challenge (UBC) 2012-13 Draft Results


Deron Williams was taken by Andrew Feingold of RotoExperts with the 6th overall pick of the draft.

This league is the oldest of the Triple Crown basketball leagues, established in 2004. It uses a head-to-head points system and a snake draft. One key to this league is looking at the UBC playoff weeks in an NBA games-per-week schedule grid. When looking at players of seemingly equal value, stock up on players with more games played when it counts. For example, this year, the Knicks have the best UBC playoff schedule, so Carmelo Anthony was a target of mine.

I usually try to win this league with “boring” picks early that should score the most UBC points at that point in the draft, again with an eye towards the playoff schedule. I usually do well but fall short of a league championship. I do look at position depth and determined that it was important to get forwards early, keep an eye on the center position before it ran dry, and leave guards for later. I went against the grain of safety by taking Andrew Bynum with my first pick (8th overall). I figured when he returned to the court, he could score like a Top 5 pick, so I went for the upside. Then I went “safe” with ‘Melo in the second, Paul Pierce in the third, and Chris Bosh in the fourth. I then tried Ryan Anderson, figuring he could do in New Orleans what he did in Orlando the year before. I added Tyson Chandler, a solid center, in Round Six. I finally started looking at the guard position, and I took Lou Williams, Raymond Felton, and Mo Williams with my next three picks. I went for another center in Samuel Dalembert next, as rebounds and blocks pay off in the UBC scoring system.

As the talent really started thinning out, I went for a couple more guards next with J.J. Redick and Mario Chalmers. I figured Chauncey Billups would provide decent numbers once he returned from his injury and got healthy, so he was my next pick. Shawn Marion can still be a “glue” player, so he was my next selection. I was able to draft yet another center, taking Emeka Okafor in Round 15. I filled out my bench with Tony Allen and Jonas Jerebko. I was very happy with my draft, basically accomplishing what I set out to do. Bynum and Billups can carry me to a championship if they can get healthy and stay healthy come January. Or they could ruin my season if the opposite occurs.

Here are the results of the draft:

Draft Results
Round 1
Pick Team Player
1 Brooklyn Flood James, LeBron SF MIA
2 Philadelphia Wayland Durant, Kevin SF OKC
3 Dallas Trout Love, Kevin PF MIN
4 New Jersey Castro Westbrook, Russell PG OKC
5 Miami Gonzalez Paul, Chris PG LAC
6 New York Feingold Williams, Deron PG BKN
7 Atlanta Alexander Smith, Josh PF ATL
8 Boston Gawron Bynum, Andrew C PHI
9 Detroit Carpenter Aldridge, LaMarcus PF POR
10 Golden State Buser Howard, Dwight C LAL
11 Toronto Klyce Jefferson, Al C UTA
12 Cleveland Dobish Gasol, Marc C MEM
Round 2
Pick Team Player
1 Cleveland Dobish Cousins, DeMarcus C SAC
2 Toronto Klyce Griffin, Blake PF LAC
3 Golden State Buser Irving, Kyrie PG CLE
4 Detroit Carpenter Wade, Dwyane SG MIA
5 Boston Gawron Anthony, Carmelo SF NY
6 Atlanta Alexander Jennings, Brandon PG MIL
7 New York Feingold Bryant, Kobe SG LAL
8 Miami Gonzalez Gasol, Pau PF LAL
9 New Jersey Castro Curry, Stephen PG GS
10 Dallas Trout* Nowitzki, Dirk PF DAL
11 Philadelphia Wayland Monroe, Greg C DET
12 Brooklyn Flood Rondo, Rajon PG BOS
Round 3
Pick Team Player
1 Brooklyn Flood Stoudemire, Amar’e PF NY
2 Philadelphia Wayland Horford, Al C ATL
3 Dallas Trout Lawson, Ty PG DEN
4 New Jersey Castro Hibbert, Roy C IND
5 Miami Gonzalez Gay, Rudy SF TOR
6 New York Feingold Harden, James SG HOU
7 Atlanta Alexander Gortat, Marcin C PHO
8 Boston Gawron Pierce, Paul SF BOS
9 Detroit Carpenter Ellis, Monta SG MIL
10 Golden State Buser Parker, Tony PG SA
11 Toronto Klyce Millsap, Paul PF UTA
12 Cleveland Dobish Lee, David PF GS
Round 4
Pick Team Player
1 Cleveland Dobish Wall, John PG WAS
2 Toronto Klyce Evans, Tyreke PG SAC
3 Golden State Buser Iguodala, Andre SF DEN
4 Detroit Carpenter Lopez, Brook C BKN
5 Boston Gawron* Bosh, Chris PF MIA
6 Atlanta Alexander Dragic, Goran PG PHO
7 New York Feingold Davis, Anthony C NO
8 Miami Gonzalez Conley, Mike PG MEM
9 New Jersey Castro Nash, Steve PG LAL
10 Dallas Trout* Boozer, Carlos PF CHI
11 Philadelphia Wayland Garnett, Kevin C BOS
12 Brooklyn Flood Johnson, Joe SG BKN
Round 5
Pick Team Player
1 Brooklyn Flood Randolph, Zach PF MEM
2 Philadelphia Wayland Duncan, Tim PF SA
3 Dallas Trout* Deng, Luol SF CHI
4 New Jersey Castro Holiday, Jrue PG PHI
5 Miami Gonzalez Scola, Luis PF PHO
6 New York Feingold* Ibaka, Serge PF OKC
7 Atlanta Alexander Batum, Nicolas SF POR
8 Boston Gawron Anderson, Ryan PF NO
9 Detroit Carpenter George, Paul SG IND
10 Golden State Buser Lowry, Kyle PG TOR
11 Toronto Klyce* Granger, Danny SF IND
12 Cleveland Dobish Walker, Kemba SG CHA
Round 6
Pick Team Player
1 Cleveland Dobish Bargnani, Andrea C TOR
2 Toronto Klyce Turner, Evan SG PHI
3 Golden State Buser Pekovic, Nikola C MIN
4 Detroit Carpenter Noah, Joakim C CHI
5 Boston Gawron Chandler, Tyson C NY
6 Atlanta Alexander Thompson, Klay SG GS
7 New York Feingold Lillard, Damian PG POR
8 Miami Gonzalez Beal, Bradley SG WAS
9 New Jersey Castro Faried, Kenneth PF DEN
10 Dallas Trout Beasley, Michael PF PHO
11 Philadelphia Wayland Ginobili, Manu SG SA
12 Brooklyn Flood Mayo, O.J. SG DAL
Round 7
Pick Team Player
1 Brooklyn Flood Lin, Jeremy PG HOU
2 Philadelphia Wayland Gordon, Eric SG NO
3 Dallas Trout Thornton, Marcus PG SAC
4 New Jersey Castro Matthews, Wesley SG POR
5 Miami Gonzalez Wallace, Gerald SF BKN
6 New York Feingold* Teague, Jeff PG ATL
7 Atlanta Alexander Ilyasova, Ersan PF MIL
8 Boston Gawron Williams, Lou SG ATL
9 Detroit Carpenter Gallinari, Danilo SF DEN
10 Golden State Buser West, David PF IND
11 Toronto Klyce McGee, JaVale C DEN
12 Cleveland Dobish DeRozan, DeMar SG TOR
Round 8
Pick Team Player
1 Cleveland Dobish Collison, Darren PG DAL
2 Toronto Klyce Humphries, Kris PF BKN
3 Golden State Buser Stuckey, Rodney PG DET
4 Detroit Carpenter Knight, Brandon PG DET
5 Boston Gawron Felton, Raymond PG NY
6 Atlanta Alexander* Davis, Glen C ORL
7 New York Feingold* Brand, Elton PF DAL
8 Miami Gonzalez* Nene, C WAS
9 New Jersey Castro Afflalo, Arron SG ORL
10 Dallas Trout Hickson, JJ PF POR
11 Philadelphia Wayland Martin, Kevin SG OKC
12 Brooklyn Flood Kidd-Gilchrist, Michael SF CHA
Round 9
Pick Team Player
1 Brooklyn Flood Favors, Derrick PF UTA
2 Philadelphia Wayland Rose, Derrick PG CHI
3 Dallas Trout Henderson, Gerald SG CHA
4 New Jersey Castro Dudley, Jared SG PHO
5 Miami Gonzalez* Parsons, Chandler SF HOU
6 New York Feingold* Young, Thaddeus SF PHI
7 Atlanta Alexander Thomas, Isaiah PG SAC
8 Boston Gawron Williams, Mo PG UTA
9 Detroit Carpenter Bogut, Andrew C GS
10 Golden State Buser Varejao, Anderson C CLE
11 Toronto Klyce Kaman, Chris C DAL
12 Cleveland Dobish Hayward, Gordon SF UTA
Round 10
Pick Team Player
1 Cleveland Dobish Ridnour, Luke PG MIN
2 Toronto Klyce Leonard, Kawhi SF SA
3 Golden State Buser* Nelson, Jameer PG ORL
4 Detroit Carpenter Kirilenko, Andrei SF MIN
5 Boston Gawron Dalembert, Samuel C MIL
6 Atlanta Alexander Jordan, DeAndre C LAC
7 New York Feingold* Roy, Brandon SG MIN
8 Miami Gonzalez Terry, Jason SG BOS
9 New Jersey Castro Valanciunas, Jonas C TOR
10 Dallas Trout Waiters, Dion SG CLE
11 Philadelphia Wayland Smith, J.R. SG NY
12 Brooklyn Flood Thompson, Tristan C CLE
Round 11
Pick Team Player
1 Brooklyn Flood Drummond, Andre C DET
2 Philadelphia Wayland Rubio, Ricky PG MIN
3 Dallas Trout Bayless, Jerryd PG MEM
4 New Jersey Castro Hill, George PG IND
5 Miami Gonzalez Bass, Brandon PF BOS
6 New York Feingold* Wright, Dorell SF PHI
7 Atlanta Alexander Vasquez, Greivis PG NO
8 Boston Gawron Redick, J.J. SG MIL
9 Detroit Carpenter Gordon, Ben SG CHA
10 Golden State Buser Asik, Omer PF HOU
11 Toronto Klyce Sessions, Ramon PG CHA
12 Cleveland Dobish* Richardson, Jason SG PHI
Round 12
Pick Team Player
1 Cleveland Dobish* Ayon, Gustavo PF MIL
2 Toronto Klyce Hawes, Spencer C PHI
3 Golden State Buser* Miles, C.J. SF CLE
4 Detroit Carpenter Green, Jeff PF BOS
5 Boston Gawron Chalmers, Mario PG MIA
6 Atlanta Alexander Mullens, Byron C CHA
7 New York Feingold* Biyombo, Bismack PF CHA
8 Miami Gonzalez Harris, Devin PG ATL
9 New Jersey Castro Turkoglu, Hedo SF ORL
10 Dallas Trout Crawford, Jordan SG BOS
11 Philadelphia Wayland Hinrich, Kirk PG CHI
12 Brooklyn Flood Williams, Derrick PF MIN
Round 13
Pick Team Player
1 Brooklyn Flood Allen, Ray SG MIA
2 Philadelphia Wayland Ariza, Trevor SF WAS
3 Dallas Trout Landry, Carl PF GS
4 New Jersey Castro Jamison, Antawn PF LAL
5 Miami Gonzalez Zeller, Tyler C CLE
6 New York Feingold* Diaw, Boris SF SA
7 Atlanta Alexander Crawford, Jamal SG LAC
8 Boston Gawron Billups, Chauncey PG LAC
9 Detroit Carpenter Robinson, Thomas PF HOU
10 Golden State Buser Splitter, Tiago C SA
11 Toronto Klyce Morris, Markieff PF PHO
12 Cleveland Dobish* Thompson, Jason PF SAC
Round 14
Pick Team Player
1 Cleveland Dobish* Seraphin, Kevin C WAS
2 Toronto Klyce Lopez, Robin C NO
3 Golden State Buser* Hamilton, Richard SG CHI
4 Detroit Carpenter Thomas, Tyrus PF CHA
5 Boston Gawron Marion, Shawn SF DAL
6 Atlanta Alexander Prince, Tayshaun SF MEM
7 New York Feingold* Miller, Andre PG DEN
8 Miami Gonzalez Jack, Jarrett PG GS
9 New Jersey Castro Gooden, Drew C MIL
10 Dallas Trout Rivers, Austin SG NO
11 Philadelphia Wayland Barea, J.J. PG MIN
12 Brooklyn Flood Gee, Alonzo SF CLE
Round 15
Pick Team Player
1 Brooklyn Flood Brooks, Aaron PG HOU
2 Philadelphia Wayland Blatche, Andray C BKN
3 Dallas Trout Vucevic, Nikola C ORL
4 New Jersey Castro Williams, Marvin SF UTA
5 Miami Gonzalez* Gibson, Taj PF CHI
6 New York Feingold* Odom, Lamar PF LAC
7 Atlanta Alexander Green, Gerald SG IND
8 Boston Gawron Okafor, Emeka C WAS
9 Detroit Carpenter Johnson, Wesley SF PHO
10 Golden State Buser Chandler, Wilson SG DEN
11 Toronto Klyce Green, Danny SG SA
12 Cleveland Dobish Rush, Brandon SF GS
Round 16
Pick Team Player
1 Cleveland Dobish Calderon, Jose PG DET
2 Toronto Klyce Patterson, Patrick PF SAC
3 Golden State Buser Fields, Landry SG TOR
4 Detroit Carpenter Beaubois, Roddy PG DAL
5 Boston Gawron Allen, Tony SG MEM
6 Atlanta Alexander* Foye, Randy SG UTA
7 New York Feingold* Sullinger, Jared PF BOS
8 Miami Gonzalez Brooks, MarShon SG BKN
9 New Jersey Castro Johnson, James PF SAC
10 Dallas Trout Harrington, Al PF ORL
11 Philadelphia Wayland Dunleavy, Mike SG MIL
12 Brooklyn Flood Ross, Terrence SG TOR
Round 17
Pick Team Player
1 Brooklyn Flood Kidd, Jason PG NY
2 Philadelphia Wayland Davis, Ed PF MEM
3 Dallas Trout* Barnes, Harrison SF GS
4 New Jersey Castro Delfino, Carlos SF HOU
5 Miami Gonzalez Augustin, D.J. PG IND
6 New York Feingold* Butler, Caron SF LAC
7 Atlanta Alexander* Harris, Tobias SF ORL
8 Boston Gawron Jerebko, Jonas SF DET
9 Detroit Carpenter Young, Nick SG PHI
10 Golden State Buser Budinger, Chase SF MIN
11 Toronto Klyce Wright, Brandan SF DAL
12 Cleveland Dobish Burks, Alec SG UTA

Photo courtesy of Mark Runyon