Posted October 29, 2012 by DaveGawron in Fantasy Basketball

Triple Crown Hoops Auction (TCHA) 2012-13 Draft Results


The Minnesota Timberwolves Dance Team got very excited when Dave Gawron selected Al Jefferson as his highest paid player for $40.

This league is a 10-team, standard 8-category roto auction league with 10 starters and 3 reserves. The beauty of the auction is having a shot at each player and not watching helplessly as ten or more are taken in between your picks. You can decide to pay a lot for a few players and not much for the rest (stars and scrubs) or spread the money more evenly. If nothing else, it’s always fun to see in which direction each team goes on auction night.

Here is the team I ended up with:

4 Al Jefferson, Uta C $40
18 Ty Lawson, Den PG $35
19 Dirk Nowitzki, Dal PF $22
21 Kobe Bryant*, LAL SG $35
79 Wesley Matthews, Por SG $9
80 George Hill, Ind PG $2
81 Gerald Wallace, Bkn SF $10
82 Kenneth Faried, Den PF $7
88 Carlos Boozer, Chi PF $11
94 Brandon Knight, Det PG $6
98 Louis Williams*, Atl PG $10
99 Tyson Chandler*, NY C $9
103 Chris Kaman, Dal C $4

I won the league last year going with the basic point guard & power forward approach. I basically did the same thing this year, but I spent too much for Jefferson and Lawson. Looking back at the draft, instead of Jefferson, I could have taken cheaper power options like Al Horford $25, Anthony Davis $21, Brook Lopez $21, or Greg Monroe $20. In place of Lawson, I should have held out for cheaper point guard choices like Brandon Jennings $28, Jrue Holiday $26, or Mike Conley $25 . I don’t think I bought enough steals or blocks, unfortunately. We’ll see how that turns out…

Click here for complete list of each team’s auctioned roster.

Photo courtesy of Doug Wallick