Posted May 4, 2013 by DaveGawron in Fantasy Baseball

Fantasy Baseball FAABlog – Week 5


Chris Nelson was taken for $273 by eXpertLeagues’ own Matt Tavormina in the Triple Crown AL-only league.

In our weekly FAABlog, we make the results of the free agent bidding from our eXpertLeagues public and offer some words of advice as well. Links to results follow this paragraph of analysis. Bids are out of a $1000 budget for the season, and FAAB is processed twice per week, once at 11 am ET Saturday mornings and once at 11 am Monday mornings.

There wasn’t that one really obvious pick that everybody went nuts over in every league this week. Some mixed league hitters of interest were Dee Gordon ($102 TCM), Ryan Raburn (28 BW), and Chris Parmalee (BW 27). Jarrod Parker (219 TCM), Kevin Gregg (78 MW), Kyle Kendrick (34 TCM), and Wei-Yin Chen (20 MW) were mixed league pitchers bid on this week. Drew Smyly $74, Adam Rosales $38, and J.B. Shuck $25 in the AL and Marcell Ozuna $151 and Andrew Brown $66 in the NL were picked in our mono-leagues.

Here are links to the actual results:

Use the links above (just change the date in the date box once you get there) to check in right after 11 am ET next Saturday to immediately find out the results of our bidding!

Photo by Les Stockton