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Blog Wars Baseball League 2013 Draft Results


Pat Mayo and Dave Gawron agreed that Matt Holliday is a good anchor in four of the five offensive categories.

The draft results can help you prepare for any 12-team mixed snake draft league. Pat and I went into this March 25 draft wanting to do what we did the year before… win the league! We won with a big offense, so we wanted to establish that again, but we also won by picking just the right pitchers in the draft and then supporting them with just the right mix of free agents. We feel that we have a chance to repeat as league champions. (Please note that Farino’s team was auto-drafted by ESPN.)

Here is how it all went down, with round-by-round commentary:

Round: 1
** (1) XL Gawron RX Mayo – Ryan Braun LF
(2) FantasyAlarm Anderson – Miguel Cabrera 3B
(3) CloserReport Farino – Mike Trout CF
(4) FantasyGeek Korot – Matt Kemp CF
(5) XLRP Tiermini – Robinson Cano 2B
(6) RotoRob McLeod Davidson – Andrew McCutchen CF
(7) Advanced FB Crumpler – Prince Fielder 1B
(8) FakeBaseball Bonneville – Joey Votto 1B
(9) RotoInfo.com @FantasyNomad – Carlos Gonzalez LF
(10) Rotowire Kurtz – Justin Upton RF
(11) BretskyBall Bretsky – Evan Longoria 3B
(12) FantasyTrade411 Soppe – Albert Pujols 1B
(13) RotoAuthority Steers McCrum – Giancarlo Stanton RF
(14) Seamheads Mitchell – Troy Tulowitzki SS
(15) Rotoworld Shovein – Bryce Harper CF

Pat and I feel that you have to pick Braun #1 overall. He’ll pretty much do what Miggy will but with 20 extra steals. I was surprised to see Pujols drop to #12 past Upton and Longoria. And in a fifteen-team league, Bryce Harper goes in the first round! No worries about a sophomore slump, I guess…

Round: 2
(16) Rotoworld Shovein – Jose Reyes SS
(17) Seamheads Mitchell – Jose Bautista RF
(18) RotoAuthority Steers McCrum – Stephen Strasburg SP
(19) FantasyTrade411 Soppe – Justin Verlander SP
(20) BretskyBall Bretsky – Clayton Kershaw SP
(21) Rotowire Kurtz – Adrian Beltre 3B
(22) RotoInfo.com @FantasyNomad – David Wright 3B
(23) FakeBaseball Bonneville – Ian Kinsler 2B
(24) Advanced FB Crumpler – Dustin Pedroia 2B
(25) RotoRob McLeod Davidson – Josh Hamilton CF
(26) XLRP Tiermini – Buster Posey C
(27) FantasyGeek Korot – David Price SP
(28) CloserReport Farino – Felix Hernandez SP
(29) FantasyAlarm Anderson – Jason Heyward RF
** (30) XL Gawron RX Mayo – Adrian Gonzalez 1B

Seeing Strasburg go before Verlander and Kershaw was surprising. I’d never take a pitcher that high, especially in a deeper mixed league like this. You simply need that offense early. Pitching can wait. After the top 2B and 3B leaped off the board, we felt we needed to grab two solid .300-25-100 types, so we went with Gonzalez and Holliday. Combine them with Braun, and that’s a terriffic start in all five offensive categories. We were debating between Butler and Gonzalez but gave a bounce-back season from A-Gone the slight edge.

Round: 3
** (31) XL Gawron RX Mayo – Matt Holliday LF
(32) FantasyAlarm Anderson – Cole Hamels SP
(33) CloserReport Farino – Matt Cain SP
(34) FantasyGeek Korot – Starlin Castro SS
(35) XLRP Tiermini – Adam Jones CF
(36) RotoRob McLeod Davidson – Billy Butler 1B
(37) Advanced FB Crumpler – Yoenis Cespedes LF
(38) FakeBaseball Bonneville – Jay Bruce RF
(39) RotoInfo.com @FantasyNomad – Paul Goldschmidt 1B
(40) Rotowire Kurtz – Edwin Encarnacion 1B
(41) BretskyBall Bretsky – Cliff Lee SP
(42) FantasyTrade411 Soppe – Jacoby Ellsbury CF
(43) RotoAuthority Steers McCrum – Ben Zobrist RF
(44) Seamheads Mitchell – B.J. Upton CF
(45) Rotoworld Shovein – Yu Darvish SP

There were no real surprises in this round. Everything went pretty much according to ADP. I still don’t like pitching this early. Everybody loves Cespedes this year. I drafted in several leagues and didn’t come close to getting him at all.

Round: 4
(46) Rotoworld Shovein – Madison Bumgarner SP
(47) Seamheads Mitchell – Desmond Jennings LF
(48) RotoAuthority Steers McCrum – Ryan Zimmerman 3B
(49) FantasyTrade411 Soppe – Jered Weaver SP
(50) BretskyBall Bretsky – Shin-Soo Choo RF
(51) Rotowire Kurtz – Gio Gonzalez SP
(52) RotoInfo.com @FantasyNomad – Aaron Hill 2B
(53) FakeBaseball Bonneville – R.A. Dickey SP
(54) Advanced FB Crumpler – Craig Kimbrel RP
(55) RotoRob McLeod Davidson – Aroldis Chapman SP
(56) XLRP Tiermini – Matt Wieters C
(57) FantasyGeek Korot – Allen Craig 1B
(58) CloserReport Farino – Brandon Phillips 2B
(59) FantasyAlarm Anderson – Jason Kipnis 2B
** (60) XL Gawron RX Mayo – Adam Wainwright SP

Pick #60 was the right time to draft our ace. Wainwright really finished the season strong in 2012, and he should pick up right where he left off in 2013. His overall 2012 numbers were down due to his recovery from surgery in the first half. Use that to your advantage in getting him at a discount. We were hoping Craig would fall to us, but he didn’t. I love getting Ian Desmond right around the 60th pick for a good power/speed combo at SS. Phillips was a consideration here as well, but we just missed him.

Round: 5
** (61) XL Gawron RX Mayo – Ian Desmond SS
(62) FantasyAlarm Anderson – Asdrubal Cabrera SS
(63) CloserReport Farino – Yadier Molina C
(64) FantasyGeek Korot – CC Sabathia SP
(65) XLRP Tiermini – Zack Greinke SP
(66) RotoRob McLeod Davidson – Chris Sale SP
(67) Advanced FB Crumpler – Shane Victorino CF
(68) FakeBaseball Bonneville – Mark Trumbo LF
(69) RotoInfo.com @FantasyNomad – Max Scherzer SP
(70) Rotowire Kurtz – Johnny Cueto SP
(71) BretskyBall Bretsky – Carlos Santana C
(72) FantasyTrade411 Soppe – Michael Bourn CF
(73) RotoAuthority Steers McCrum – Anthony Rizzo 1B
(74) Seamheads Mitchell – Mat Latos SP
(75) Rotoworld Shovein – Alex Rios RF

I like Rotoworld’s back-to-backs here of Rios and Mauer. I ended up with each on multiple teams myself. Some expert leagues hold off a bit more on the starting pitching. Not this one. They flew off the board in every round. We held strong focusing on hitting early, though. Offense dries up faster and is harder to replace in deeper mixed leagues. It’s a matter of supply and demand. I’ve always been one to take advantage of two-start free agent pitchers, anyway, so I don’t mind waiting.

Round: 6
(76) Rotoworld Shovein – Joe Mauer C
(77) Seamheads Mitchell – James Shields SP
(78) RotoAuthority Steers McCrum – Yovani Gallardo SP
(79) FantasyTrade411 Soppe – Aramis Ramirez 3B
(80) BretskyBall Bretsky – Jimmy Rollins SS
(81) Rotowire Kurtz – Austin Jackson CF
(82) RotoInfo.com @FantasyNomad – Kris Medlen SP
(83) FakeBaseball Bonneville – Jordan Zimmermann SP
(84) Advanced FB Crumpler – Martin Prado LF
(85) RotoRob McLeod Davidson – Brett Lawrie 3B
(86) XLRP Tiermini – Freddie Freeman 1B
(87) FantasyGeek Korot – Jose Altuve 2B
(88) CloserReport Farino – Jonathan Papelbon RP
(89) FantasyAlarm Anderson – Alex Gordon LF
** (90) XL Gawron RX Mayo – Victor Martinez C

We liked both Freeman and Gordon here, but that wasn’t meant to be. I love catchers that don’t really catch and was happy to land V-Mart. After dominating with AVG thus far, we felt it was okay to trade a lower batting average for a nice power/speed combo in Gomez. We considered Napoli instead but couldn’t pass on the speed of Gomez.

Round: 7
** (91) XL Gawron RX Mayo – Carlos Gomez CF
(92) FantasyAlarm Anderson – Eric Hosmer 1B
(93) CloserReport Farino – Pablo Sandoval 3B
(94) FantasyGeek Korot – Rafael Soriano RP
(95) XLRP Tiermini – Elvis Andrus SS
(96) RotoRob McLeod Davidson – Matt Moore SP
(97) Advanced FB Crumpler – Erick Aybar SS
(98) FakeBaseball Bonneville – Fernando Rodney RP
(99) RotoInfo.com @FantasyNomad – Ike Davis 1B
(100) Rotowire Kurtz – Danny Espinosa 2B
(101) BretskyBall Bretsky – Ryan Howard 1B
(102) FantasyTrade411 Soppe – Hanley Ramirez 3B
(103) RotoAuthority Steers McCrum – Alcides Escobar SS
(104) Seamheads Mitchell – Mike Napoli C
(105) Rotoworld Shovein – Salvador Perez C

Pat and I were hoping for Napoli or Perez at 120. Darn. We probably should have taken Espinoza over Gomez, as a 2B/SS is more valuable, despite fewer steals. The three SB SS went here (Andrus, Aybar, and Escobar) as well as two power 1Bs (I personally like Davis MUCH better than Howard this year).

Round: 8
(106) Rotoworld Shovein – Joe Nathan RP
(107) Seamheads Mitchell – Jon Lester SP
(108) RotoAuthority Steers McCrum – Wilin Rosario C
(109) FantasyTrade411 Soppe – Mariano Rivera RP
(110) BretskyBall Bretsky – Chase Utley 2B
(111) Rotowire Kurtz – Miguel Montero C
(112) RotoInfo.com @FantasyNomad – Todd Frazier 3B
(113) FakeBaseball Bonneville – Brett Gardner LF
(114) Advanced FB Crumpler – Melky Cabrera LF
(115) RotoRob McLeod Davidson – Chase Headley 3B
(116) XLRP Tiermini – Mike Moustakas 3B
(117) FantasyGeek Korot – Jesus Montero C
(118) CloserReport Farino – Jason Motte RP
(119) FantasyAlarm Anderson – Curtis Granderson CF
** (120) XL Gawron RX Mayo – Josh Willingham LF

Catchers and closers are now more prevalent, as Nathan, Rivera, Motte, Rosario, Montero, and Montero are taken. I figure it’s a good idea to add another 30-HR bat in Willingham and 180-K pitcher with a good offense behind him in Morrow. I think Gardner is a poor choice here, as you can get players like Ben Revere, Coco Crisp, or even Juan Pierre later. Really, what’s the difference among those four? Not much.

Round: 9
** (121) XL Gawron RX Mayo – Brandon Morrow SP
(122) FantasyAlarm Anderson – Jeff Samardzija SP
(123) CloserReport Farino – Doug Fister SP
(124) FantasyGeek Korot – Paul Konerko 1B
(125) XLRP Tiermini – J.J. Putz RP
(126) RotoRob McLeod Davidson – Carl Crawford LF
(127) Advanced FB Crumpler – Ian Kennedy SP
(128) FakeBaseball Bonneville – David Ortiz DH
(129) RotoInfo.com @FantasyNomad – Norichika Aoki RF
(130) Rotowire Kurtz – Carlos Beltran RF
(131) BretskyBall Bretsky – Rickie Weeks 2B
(132) FantasyTrade411 Soppe – Dan Haren SP
(133) RotoAuthority Steers McCrum – Jake Peavy SP
(134) Seamheads Mitchell – Jim Johnson RP
(135) Rotoworld Shovein – Greg Holland RP

It’ll be interesting to see if one or the other ends up better this year between Morrow and Samardzija. I don’t like betting on the injured Crawford this season or the aging Beltran and his balky knee. I do like taking chances on Weeks and Peavy here. Haren worries me with his poor finish to 2012. I’d rather take a lesser closer later than Putz, Johnson, or Holland here.

Round: 10
(136) Rotoworld Shovein – Adam LaRoche 1B
(137) Seamheads Mitchell – Addison Reed RP
(138) RotoAuthority Steers McCrum – John Axford RP
(139) FantasyTrade411 Soppe – Howard Kendrick 2B
(140) BretskyBall Bretsky – Emilio Bonifacio CF
(141) Rotowire Kurtz – Sergio Romo RP
(142) RotoInfo.com @FantasyNomad – Matt Harvey SP
(143) FakeBaseball Bonneville – Hunter Pence RF
(144) Advanced FB Crumpler – Chris Davis 1B
(145) RotoRob McLeod Davidson – Neil Walker 2B
(146) XLRP Tiermini – Alejandro De Aza CF
(147) FantasyGeek Korot – Pedro Alvarez 3B
(148) CloserReport Farino – Joel Hanrahan RP
(149) FantasyAlarm Anderson – Tom Wilhelmsen RP
** (150) XL Gawron RX Mayo – Lance Lynn SP

This is where it stinks having bookend picks. We were waiting for just the right time to grab closers, and we were just a few picks late on Reed, Axford, Romo, Hanrahan, and Wilhelmsen. We settled for Street and also picked up another solid starter in Lynn. I think Neil Walker at 145 is good value. I like the power that Davis and Alvarez offer here, as well.

Round: 11
** (151) XL Gawron RX Mayo – Huston Street RP
(152) FantasyAlarm Anderson – Ryan Doumit C
(153) CloserReport Farino – Josh Johnson SP
(154) FantasyGeek Korot – Hiroki Kuroda SP
(155) XLRP Tiermini – Rafael Betancourt RP
(156) RotoRob McLeod Davidson – Derek Jeter SS
(157) Advanced FB Crumpler – Carlos Ruiz C
(158) FakeBaseball Bonneville – Anibal Sanchez SP
(159) RotoInfo.com @FantasyNomad – C.J. Wilson SP
(160) Rotowire Kurtz – Brett Anderson SP
(161) BretskyBall Bretsky – Jayson Werth RF
(162) FantasyTrade411 Soppe – Roy Halladay SP
(163) RotoAuthority Steers McCrum – Jason Grilli RP
(164) Seamheads Mitchell – Jarrod Parker SP
(165) Rotoworld Shovein – Marco Estrada SP

Doumit and Ruiz are two nice catcher snags here. Kuroda and Sanchez are my favorite pitchers in a round full of them.

Round: 12
(166) Rotoworld Shovein – Michael Morse LF
(167) Seamheads Mitchell – Angel Pagan CF
(168) RotoAuthority Steers McCrum – Glen Perkins RP
(169) FantasyTrade411 Soppe – J.J. Hardy SS
(170) BretskyBall Bretsky – Dan Uggla 2B
(171) Rotowire Kurtz – Nelson Cruz RF
(172) RotoInfo.com @FantasyNomad – Jonathan Lucroy C
(173) FakeBaseball Bonneville – David Freese 3B
(174) Advanced FB Crumpler – Casey Janssen RP
(175) RotoRob McLeod Davidson – Chris Perez RP
(176) XLRP Tiermini – Ben Revere RF
(177) FantasyGeek Korot – Andre Ethier RF
(178) CloserReport Farino – Tim Lincecum SP
(179) FantasyAlarm Anderson – Ernesto Frieri RP
** (180) XL Gawron RX Mayo – Steve Cishek RP

I’m partial to power, so I do like the Morse pick. Hardy and Uggla offer power in the middle infield, but I prefer speed from those positions. I do like Revere for speed in this round. I took my second closer and a solid middle infielder in Cishek and Rutledge. There were groans of disdain in the chat room after the Rutledge pick.

Round: 13
** (181) XL Gawron RX Mayo – Josh Rutledge SS
(182) FantasyAlarm Anderson – Adam Dunn 1B
(183) CloserReport Farino – Jonathon Niese SP
(184) FantasyGeek Korot – Matt Harrison SP
(185) XLRP Tiermini – Jeremy Hellickson SP
(186) RotoRob McLeod Davidson – Kendrys Morales 1B
(187) Advanced FB Crumpler – Dexter Fowler CF
(188) FakeBaseball Bonneville – Kyle Seager 3B
(189) RotoInfo.com @FantasyNomad – Lorenzo Cain CF
(190) Rotowire Kurtz – Nick Swisher RF
(191) BretskyBall Bretsky – Justin Morneau 1B
(192) FantasyTrade411 Soppe – Grant Balfour RP
(193) RotoAuthority Steers McCrum – Will Middlebrooks 3B
(194) Seamheads Mitchell – Everth Cabrera SS
(195) Rotoworld Shovein – Michael Cuddyer RF

I like most of the picks in this round, actually. Good job here, drafters!

Round: 14
(196) Rotoworld Shovein – Lance Berkman 1B
(197) Seamheads Mitchell – Josh Reddick RF
(198) RotoAuthority Steers McCrum – Coco Crisp CF
(199) FantasyTrade411 Soppe – Torii Hunter RF
(200) BretskyBall Bretsky – Mike Minor SP
(201) Rotowire Kurtz – Jason Kubel LF
(202) RotoInfo.com @FantasyNomad – Andrelton Simmons SS
(203) FakeBaseball Bonneville – Bruce Rondon RP
(204) Advanced FB Crumpler – Alex Avila C
(205) RotoRob McLeod Davidson – A.J. Pierzynski C
(206) XLRP Tiermini – Manny Machado 3B
(207) FantasyGeek Korot – Tim Hudson SP
(208) CloserReport Farino – Wade Miley SP
(209) FantasyAlarm Anderson – Ryan Vogelsong SP
** (210) XL Gawron RX Mayo – Kevin Youkilis 3B

Berkman and Hunter are just too old for my liking. I like the rest of the picks well enough. I’m not huge on Youk this year, but he should do well enough (.260-20-70). Burnett will provide strikeouts and decent enough ratios.

Round: 15
** (211) XL Gawron RX Mayo – A.J. Burnett SP
(212) FantasyAlarm Anderson – Ichiro Suzuki RF
(213) CloserReport Farino – Colby Rasmus CF
(214) FantasyGeek Korot – Alfonso Soriano LF
(215) XLRP Tiermini – Dayan Viciedo LF
(216) RotoRob McLeod Davidson – Homer Bailey SP
(217) Advanced FB Crumpler – Yonder Alonso 1B
(218) FakeBaseball Bonneville – Trevor Cahill SP
(219) RotoInfo.com @FantasyNomad – Alex Cobb SP
(220) Rotowire Kurtz – Alexi Ogando SP
(221) BretskyBall Bretsky – Brandon League RP
(222) FantasyTrade411 Soppe – Alexei Ramirez SS
(223) RotoAuthority Steers McCrum – Cameron Maybin CF
(224) Seamheads Mitchell – Garrett Jones 1B
(225) Rotoworld Shovein – Jedd Gyorko 2B

Some good youngsters were taken in this round (Viciedo, Cobb, Gyporko) along with some solid vets (Ichiro, Soriano, and Alexei). I do like Jones for a cheap 20 HRs in Round 15.

Round: 16
(226) Rotoworld Shovein – Starling Marte LF
(227) Seamheads Mitchell – Clay Buchholz SP
(228) RotoAuthority Steers McCrum – Ryan Ludwick LF
(229) FantasyTrade411 Soppe – Brian McCann C
(230) BretskyBall Bretsky – Carlos Marmol RP
(231) Rotowire Kurtz – Ross Detwiler SP
(232) RotoInfo.com @FantasyNomad – Julio Teheran SP
(233) FakeBaseball Bonneville – Josh Beckett SP
(234) Advanced FB Crumpler – Kyle Lohse SP
(235) RotoRob McLeod Davidson – Jean Segura SS
(236) XLRP Tiermini – Edwin Jackson SP
(237) FantasyGeek Korot – Jed Lowrie SS
(238) CloserReport Farino – Marco Scutaro 2B
(239) FantasyAlarm Anderson – Denard Span CF
** (240) XL Gawron RX Mayo – Bobby Parnell RP

I like most of the starting pitchers picked here. Parnell will provide 20+ saves, and Hart will hit 20+ HRs after he returns from his injury, good at this point.

Round: 17
** (241) XL Gawron RX Mayo – Corey Hart 1B
(242) FantasyAlarm Anderson – Hyun-Jin Ryu SP
(243) CloserReport Farino – Ryan Madson RP
(244) FantasyGeek Korot – Leonys Martin CF
(245) XLRP Tiermini – Wil Myers RF
(246) RotoRob McLeod Davidson – Hisashi Iwakuma SP
(247) Advanced FB Crumpler – Mike Fiers SP
(248) FakeBaseball Bonneville – Brandon Moss 1B
(249) RotoInfo.com @FantasyNomad – Kenley Jansen RP
(250) Rotowire Kurtz – Shelby Miller RP
(251) BretskyBall Bretsky – Mark Reynolds 1B
(252) FantasyTrade411 Soppe – Juan Pierre LF
(253) RotoAuthority Steers McCrum – Andy Pettitte SP
(254) Seamheads Mitchell – Chris Carter 1B
(255) Rotoworld Shovein – Brandon Belt 1B

Note Wil Myers at #245, in case you are interested. Notice that the power now comes with low batting averages (Moss, Reynolds, and Carter). Belt is an interesting pick, as he could find his groove this year. Miller is my favorite pitcher here, and I like the steals Pierre provides in Round 17.

Round: 18
(256) Rotoworld Shovein – Derek Holland SP
(257) Seamheads Mitchell – Matt Carpenter 1B
(258) RotoAuthority Steers McCrum – Ryan Dempster SP
(259) FantasyTrade411 Soppe – Tommy Milone SP
(260) BretskyBall Bretsky – Jose Veras RP
(261) Rotowire Kurtz – Omar Infante 2B
(262) RotoInfo.com @FantasyNomad – Justin Ruggiano CF
(263) FakeBaseball Bonneville – Nick Markakis RF
(264) Advanced FB Crumpler – Chris Capuano SP
(265) RotoRob McLeod Davidson – David Murphy LF
(266) XLRP Tiermini – Brandon McCarthy SP
(267) FantasyGeek Korot – Michael Young 1B
(268) CloserReport Farino – Mark Teixeira 1B
(269) FantasyAlarm Anderson – Jurickson Profar 2B
** (270) XL Gawron RX Mayo – Drew Stubbs CF

We hat targeted Carpenter here, and then McCarthy. Profar is a nice lottery ticket in Round 18. We figured we could use cheap speed in Stubbs and Eaton.

Round: 19
** (271) XL Gawron RX Mayo – Adam Eaton CF
(272) FantasyAlarm Anderson – Jason Hammel SP
(273) CloserReport Farino – Jaime Garcia SP
(274) FantasyGeek Korot – A.J. Ellis C
(275) XLRP Tiermini – Zack Cozart SS
(276) RotoRob McLeod Davidson – Kyuji Fujikawa RP
(277) Advanced FB Crumpler – Ryan Cook RP
(278) FakeBaseball Bonneville – Matt Garza SP
(279) RotoInfo.com @FantasyNomad – Eduardo Nunez SS
(280) Rotowire Kurtz – Domonic Brown RF
(281) BretskyBall Bretsky – Tyler Colvin RF
(282) FantasyTrade411 Soppe – J.P. Arencibia C
(283) RotoAuthority Steers McCrum – Jarrod Saltalamacchia C
(284) Seamheads Mitchell – Dustin Ackley 2B
(285) Rotoworld Shovein – Nolan Arenado 3B

I really like Garza at his discount this year and would have taken him if Stubbs and Eaton were not both still on the board. This is where the lower tier of catchers starts drying up. Fujikawa is a good bet for some saves this year. Brown is an intriguing young outfielder.

Round: 20
(286) Rotoworld Shovein – Brian Roberts 2B
(287) Seamheads Mitchell – Tommy Hanson SP
(288) RotoAuthority Steers McCrum – Carlos Quentin LF
(289) FantasyTrade411 Soppe – Mitchell Boggs RP
(290) BretskyBall Bretsky – Michael Saunders CF
(291) Rotowire Kurtz – Russell Martin C
(292) RotoInfo.com @FantasyNomad – Sergio Santos RP
(293) FakeBaseball Bonneville – Bud Norris SP
(294) Advanced FB Crumpler – Aaron Hicks CF
(295) RotoRob McLeod Davidson – Jason Castro C
(296) XLRP Tiermini – Vinnie Pestano RP
(297) FantasyGeek Korot – Jon Jay CF
(298) CloserReport Farino – Trevor Plouffe 3B
(299) FantasyAlarm Anderson – Welington Castillo C
** (300) XL Gawron RX Mayo – Andrew Cashner RP

We were looking at Castro or Castillo as our second catcher. Without them, we just decided to wait until the bitter end to fill that need. We were looking at Hicks here, too. Quentin and Plouffe offer nice power potential late. We went with Cashner and Porcello as two young pitchers who could blossom this year.

Round: 21
** (301) XL Gawron RX Mayo – Rick Porcello SP
(302) FantasyAlarm Anderson – Oscar Taveras CF
(303) CloserReport Farino – Phil Hughes SP
(304) FantasyGeek Korot – Paul Maholm SP
(305) XLRP Tiermini – Drew Storen RP
(306) RotoRob McLeod Davidson – Justin Maxwell CF
(307) Advanced FB Crumpler – Hiroyuki Nakajima SS
(308) FakeBaseball Bonneville – Gordon Beckham 2B
(309) RotoInfo.com @FantasyNomad – Andy Dirks LF
(310) Rotowire Kurtz – Chris Tillman SP
(311) BretskyBall Bretsky – A.J. Griffin SP
(312) FantasyTrade411 Soppe – Jeff Francoeur RF
(313) RotoAuthority Steers McCrum – Daniel Murphy 2B
(314) Seamheads Mitchell – Billy Hamilton SS
(315) Rotoworld Shovein – Chris Young CF

There were no really inspiring picks in this round… maybe Maxwell or Young if they can improve their batting average. Hamilton is a good choice at pick #314.

Round: 22
(316) Rotoworld Shovein – Shaun Marcum SP
(317) Seamheads Mitchell – Jeff Keppinger 3B
(318) RotoAuthority Steers McCrum – Cody Ross RF
(319) FantasyTrade411 Soppe – Mitch Moreland 1B
(320) BretskyBall Bretsky – James McDonald SP
(321) Rotowire Kurtz – Kelly Johnson 2B
(322) RotoInfo.com @FantasyNomad – Jason Vargas SP
(323) FakeBaseball Bonneville – Jhonny Peralta SS
(324) Advanced FB Crumpler – Wandy Rodriguez SP
(325) RotoRob McLeod Davidson – Matt Joyce RF
(326) XLRP Tiermini – Brandon Beachy SP
(327) FantasyGeek Korot – Michael Brantley CF
(328) CloserReport Farino – Alex Rodriguez 3B
(329) FantasyAlarm Anderson – Dee Gordon SS
** (330) XL Gawron RX Mayo – Rob Brantly C

I do like some of the pitching taken here (McDonald, Vargas, and Wandy). Moreland could produce well as a full-timer. We pulled the trigger on the potential of the young Brantly at C. Lind is yet another low-average, 20-HR type that we felt good about taking.

Round: 23
** (331) XL Gawron RX Mayo – Adam Lind 1B
(332) FantasyAlarm Anderson – Sean Marshall RP
(333) CloserReport Farino – Stephen Drew SS
(334) FantasyGeek Korot – Chad Billingsley SP
(335) XLRP Tiermini – Yunel Escobar SS
(336) RotoRob McLeod Davidson – Joaquin Benoit RP
(337) Advanced FB Crumpler – Dan Straily SP
(338) FakeBaseball Bonneville – Andrew Bailey RP
(339) RotoInfo.com @FantasyNomad – Wilson Ramos C
(340) Rotowire Kurtz – Ivan Nova SP
(341) BretskyBall Bretsky – Jared Burton RP
(342) FantasyTrade411 Soppe – Tyler Clippard RP
(343) RotoAuthority Steers McCrum – Wei-Yin Chen SP
(344) Seamheads Mitchell – Jose Quintana SP
(345) Rotoworld Shovein – Mark Buehrle SP

Quintana was my favorite pick in this round. I owned him in an AL-only league last year and like him.

Round: 24
(346) Rotoworld Shovein – Dillon Gee SP
(347) Seamheads Mitchell – Trevor Rosenthal RP
(348) RotoAuthority Steers McCrum – Joe Blanton SP
(349) FantasyTrade411 Soppe – Seth Smith LF
(350) BretskyBall Bretsky – John Jaso C
(351) Rotowire Kurtz – Lucas Duda RF
(352) RotoInfo.com @FantasyNomad – Dylan Bundy RP
(353) FakeBaseball Bonneville – Tyler Flowers C
(354) Advanced FB Crumpler – Rajai Davis LF
(355) RotoRob McLeod Davidson – Darwin Barney 2B
(356) XLRP Tiermini – Will Venable RF
(357) FantasyGeek Korot – Ricky Nolasco SP
(358) CloserReport Farino – Logan Morrison LF
(359) FantasyAlarm Anderson – Justin Masterson SP
** (360) XL Gawron RX Mayo – Chris Getz 2B

If Pichan can resist the urge to drop him before he hits the majors, Bundy could help in the second half, for sure. We wanted Venable here but settled for some cheap steals from Getz and hopefully some decent spot starts from Kendrick.

Round: 25
** (361) XL Gawron RX Mayo – Kyle Kendrick SP
(362) FantasyAlarm Anderson – Peter Bourjos CF
(363) CloserReport Farino – Darin Mastroianni RF
(364) FantasyGeek Korot – Clayton Richard SP
(365) XLRP Tiermini – David Robertson RP
(366) RotoRob McLeod Davidson – Felix Doubront SP
(367) Advanced FB Crumpler – David Hernandez RP
(368) FakeBaseball Bonneville – Chris Iannetta C
(369) RotoInfo.com @FantasyNomad – Trevor Bauer SP
(370) Rotowire Kurtz – Mike Leake SP
(371) BretskyBall Bretsky – Travis d’Arnaud C
(372) FantasyTrade411 Soppe – Carlos Pena 1B
(373) RotoAuthority Steers McCrum – Bronson Arroyo SP
(374) Seamheads Mitchell – John Buck C
(375) Rotoworld Shovein – Jordany Valdespin LF

I think Bourjos is the best bet for a little fantasy production in this round. Valdespin is intriguing though.

Round: 26
(376) Rotoworld Shovein – Carlos Villanueva SP
(377) Seamheads Mitchell – Matt Dominguez 3B
(378) RotoAuthority Steers McCrum – Johan Santana SP
(379) FantasyTrade411 Soppe – Gavin Floyd SP
(380) BretskyBall Bretsky – Luke Scott DH
(381) Rotowire Kurtz – Gerrit Cole SP
(382) RotoInfo.com @FantasyNomad – Justin Smoak 1B
(383) FakeBaseball Bonneville – Ervin Santana SP
(384) Advanced FB Crumpler – Wade Davis RP
(385) RotoRob McLeod Davidson – Lonnie Chisenhall 3B
(386) XLRP Tiermini – Travis Snider RF
(387) FantasyGeek Korot – Vance Worley SP
(388) CloserReport Farino – Raul Ibanez LF
(389) FantasyAlarm Anderson – Delmon Young LF
** (390) XL Gawron RX Mayo – Chris Parmelee 1B

I like Floyd for spot starts. We were targeting Chisenhall here. Parmalee and Cruz were two of the last every-day starters, so we snapped them up.

Round: 27
** (391) XL Gawron RX Mayo – Luis Cruz 3B
(392) FantasyAlarm Anderson – Ricky Romero SP
(393) CloserReport Farino – Yasmani Grandal C
(394) FantasyGeek Korot – Jonny Gomes LF
(395) XLRP Tiermini – Daniel Hudson SP
(396) RotoRob McLeod Davidson – Luke Gregerson RP
(397) Advanced FB Crumpler – Brett Myers SP
(398) FakeBaseball Bonneville – Devin Mesoraco C
(399) RotoInfo.com @FantasyNomad – Drew Smyly SP
(400) Rotowire Kurtz – Maicer Izturis 3B
(401) BretskyBall Bretsky – Ruben Tejada SS
(402) FantasyTrade411 Soppe – Jonny Venters RP
(403) RotoAuthority Steers McCrum – Chris Nelson 3B
(404) Seamheads Mitchell – Lucas Harrell SP
(405) Rotoworld Shovein – Wily Peralta SP

50 games is a looong time to wait for Grandal in a non head-to-head format. I like Myers in spot starts.

Pat and I were very happy with our team. We did what we set out to do in rostering BA and power early, sprinkling in speed and starting pitching along the way. In hindsight, we should have grabbed one more strong middle infielder earlier and not missed the middle-tier of catchers, but we made the most of every pick and can’t complain with the results.

Photo courtesy of Barbara Moore