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We gather the best of the best together in our leagues in order to practice the strategies we preach across different formats and different sports. We analyze the results in order that you may learn from them and in turn play like eXperts yourselves.


Dave Gawron, site owner/editor/webmaster – This site was created and is maintained by Dave Gawron. Dave began playing fantasy sports as a 12-year old in 1983, when his friend brought Glen Waggoner’s “Rotisserie League Baseball” book into the 7th grade cafeteria. He has playedfantasy baseball and basketball every season since, and he picked up fantasy football in college in 1989 as well (University of Maryland – College Park… GO TERPS!). He became a self-employed web designer in 1999 and webmastered CREATiVESPORTS, SportsBuff, and TalentedMrRoto for a few years each after that, before settling into RotoCommunity in 2008, joining RotoExperts in 2010, and establishing this site in 2012. Dave has always encouraged community-building within the fantasy sports industry, with the creation of the Ultimate Challenge, Blog Wars, Mic Wars, and Triple Crown expert leagues spanning baseball, basketball, and football, the oldest of the leagues dating back to 2002. Dave’s knowledge of fantasy sports and skill in ranking and projecting is unquestioned. He has many years of experience in handling a writing staff, editing, and managing day-to-day website operations. He also has experience in audio and video broadcasting and specializes in cheat sheets and schedule grids. He currently resides in the heart of Red Sox / Patriots / Celtics nation, but grew up in Cherry Hill, NJ, a Phillies / Eagles / Sixers fan.

Steve Parsons, resident Fantasy Sports genius – Steve has won or shared first place in 14 industry and expert leagues in the past three years in both football and baseball including the Triple Crown mixed in 2010. A former Editor of The Fantasy Baseball Guide: Professional Edition, he was lead baseball writer for and his work has appeared on many fantasy sites including,,, as well as several business of baseball websites. In real life Steve splits time between the left and right coasts for his political consultancy firm, specializing in data analysis and excessive coffee consumption.

Randall Dean, AL-only expert – Who will end up with the majority of saves for the Tigers? Will Mark Teixeira be effective when he returns? Will Alex Rodriguez? Colby Lewis? What kind of impact will Wil Myers have when he gets called up? Randall doesn’t know for sure, but he has his ideas. And how good are these ideas? As he puts it, you can take these ideas to the bank, deposit them, and then when your fantasy playoffs roll around, you can withdraw them just in time to punch your ticket to the title game. Randall is to the American League what cheese is to a hamburger, what ice is to lemonade, what sunshine is to the beach. He has 10 plus years of fantasy experience in winning leagues in any and all kinds of settings, but spends most of his time hanging out with the Americans. To put a number on it, how accurate is his advice? 60% of the time, it works every time. Randall is eXpertLeagues’ very own resident wunderkind to all of your American League questions, concerns, hopes, dreams, and aspirations. He is as much of a savant as he is a wildcard, risking life and limb to be the first to gloat on such projections of Justin Morneau’s resurrection or clinging to the idea that Ubaldo Jimenez is not a head case and still has upper level seasons ahead of him. You want to win? You need to be on the Dean team, so you are in the right place as the Dean team hitched his wagons to this great group of experts, and there have not been better pairings in real life or fantasy, peanut butter and jelly be damned.

Jordan Simon, 2012 Triple Crown Mixed League champion – Winning an auction league is not an easy task. Jordan did it, though. He can help you do it as well.

Jeremy Tiermini, injury expert – High ankle sprains, Achilles injuries, shoulders, elbows, backs… Need a second opinion? Just ask Jeremy.

Matt Tavormina, Tweetmaster of the Fantasy Sports universe – Okay, perhaps that’s a bit grandiose, but he’s in charge of our Twitter account, anyway.  Prior to that he has contributed to such sites as Fantasy Baseball Trade Market, Fantasy Phenoms, and Fantasy GameDay with articles on a wide range of topics.  He has been successful in various formats of fantasy baseball since first getting seriously involved over 10 years ago.  And by “serious” we mean “obsessed.”  He starts slow drafting his first teams each year before Christmas and his March schedule has more nights with drafts scheduled than not.  When he is concentrating on things other than his AL-nly auction budgets, he manages a team of operations professionals for a major financial firm.  As successful as he has been in his hobby and career, his biggest success is his service in the United States Marine Corps, where once while deployed overseas, he (not surprisingly) coordinated a squad fantasy league, drafted from old magazines received in the mail, and of course…won.  He was born and remains in New Jersey and is married, with two future baseball fans.